St. Rocco’s Poetry Collective hosts 2 readings per month through most of the year:

  • St. Rocco’s Readings for the Dispossessed, which runs from September through June, one Saturday per month. Readings begin around 4:30pm, and feature 3, or 4 readers.
  • KNOW Readings, which featuring one writer, reading from one work for one hour, also one Saturday per month, all year. KNOW Readings begin around 1:30pm.

Both of these reading series are invitational.

St. Rocco’s also hosts additional special readings for visiting writers, two open mics each year (including our Open Mic on Lost Love and Themes of Woe around Valentine’s Day), marathon readings, and a summer Electronic Art and Music night.

If you are interested in reading in 2019-2020 season please sign up for the “All-Aboard” list.

Who we are

St. Rocco’s Poetry Collective was founded in September 2016 as a writers’ workshop-cum-reading series, by founding members Alexis Bhagat, Aimee Harrison, Kenning JP Garcia, Michael Peters, dgls.n.rthschld and Alifair Skebe. Albany writer Brandon Tankersley was also a member of the workshop in the first year; poets Adam Tedesco and Dan Nester have collaborated on planning readings; Anton at the Hudson River Coffee House and Jay at the Excelsior Pub have sheltered and supported our series.

St. Rocco’s Poetry Collective is currently Alexis Bhagat, Kenning JP Garcia, and dgls.n.rthschld.